Our Mission

Connecting People With Jesus

Jesus instructed us that the greatest commandment was to love God with all of our life. He said next was to love our neighbors. His parting instructions were to “make disciples” and gave them the title of “witnesses”. These witnesses lived those out in a community that is today known as the church. 

Through the church, we see that God’s desire to have mankind connected to Him and to reflect that connection through their relationships with each other lived out. In the book of Acts, we begin to see the connections between those followers of Christ reflect the connection that they also had with Jesus. Their intent was to be drawn closer to God, live out His principles together, and to bring as many into the fold as possible. 

Jesus’ instructions and the example of the early church give us our mission as Holt Christian Church. Our desire is first and foremost to connect people with Jesus. For those of us in the church, that means encouraging one another in that connection. We do that by developing deep connections with each other that reflect our individual and corporate connection with Jesus. For those not yet a part of the church, we do so by building relationships that exhibit the goodness of God. If we are to truly love our neighbors, those connections are of vital importance. Our hope, is that through our connections a connection with Jesus will be made.