Encouraging News from PBT


Greetings all,


I just received some good news yesterday from our partners at PBT Ukraine. Their Director sent me the following:

 Pastor Slavik (one of the Roma pastors) said that the calendars that were issued last year have been a very good tool for evangelizing Roma people. And this year 43 Roma people were baptized. Although usually it's been about 7 people a year in other years. 

Roma team May 2018.jpg

 Praise the Lord! We know that calendars do not save souls, but we know the power of the Holy Spirit is at work through the pastors and faithful Christians who make up our team, and having God's Word to offer their friends, relatives, and neighbors is an important tool in reaching out to them with God's love.

 This report comes to us from one of the four dialects: the Vlakh Roma of Central Ukraine. Please continue praying for their harvest, that God would continue to work in and through them to His glory.

 Thankful to be partnering with you.


Merry Christmas!
Matt & family