January CMY Update

Dear Friends and Family of CMY,

2018 has arrived and like most new year brings with it so many hopes and encouragement.  We leave 2017 a year that saw CMY do more with less support.  We continue to see growth in many of the churches where the evangelists and church bodies have put into practice reaching out to the communities where they serve.  We also see the continual desire to expand into new areas and communities as doors are opened. 

CMY is so excited to have several churches making plans to come and partner with CMY and churches here in the Yucatan.  The Country Christian Church from Lapeer, Michigan and the Nesconset Christian Church both are making plans to visit us in the spring.  While several members from the Holt Christian and the Lansing, Michigan area are looking at assisting us in early summer.  The willingness of these churches to minister and serve with the area churches brings such joy and excitement to the Christians.  Not only because of resources but because they come willing to serve the churches doing what ever the vision and needs are at each location.

Raul and Sandra - CMY Muna.png

Raul and Sandra continue with their ministry with the church in Muna.  They were very encouraged and filled with joy over the Christmas season when their son Jonaton and his fiancé Cinthia, both express desire to be baptized.  I know that as parents they were so excited to see God working in the lives of this young couple. Also excited for their wedding this coming March.   The church in Muna is also finalizing their plans for a revival in March, having invited Brother Noe Soriano to come and preach.  Please keep Raul and Sandra and the church in Muna in your prayers as they start this new year planning their revival.

Candido and Miriam - CMY  San Jose Tzal .png

Candido and Miriam: San Jose Tzal are hosting an area church service in February.  This is always an ambitious event for these churches since attendance runs anywhere from 200 to 400.  What makes this an event is that San Jose Tzal church of 20 people hosting for such a large group.  Please keep this young church in your prayers as they host this activity that is always a huge witness to the community seeing so many Christians coming together.  The church in San Jose Tzal is looking for new land where they can build, their existing location is no longer an option.  They are hoping to have something soon but for now they are meeting on the property of one of the members.


Antonio and Elizabet - CMY Merida.png

Antonio and Elizabet: Several interesting activities will be happening soon with their ministries in the coming months and I am excited to get the news out.  The problem is that we are still in the planning stages for one and all I can say today is that the church is investigating the possibility of converting the churches house next door into a three-room house where women and families that are staying at the soon to be inaugurated Children’s and Maternity Hospital nearby can stay while their loved ones are in the Hospital.  Please keep this in prayer because this could open the doors to a huge ministry for this church of meeting the needs of many going through difficult times.  We hope to have more prayer and financial needs to present along with a working plan for this ministry.

Beyond that their house hold has changed drastically as their second son and moved in with them and their daughter married moving to live in Sotuta with her husband’s family.  Did any of you have a New Years like that?  Tony will be finishing up his studies with Seminario del Sicatem offered through Colegio Biblico this year.  Keep Tony and Liz in your prayers as God opens doors of ministry to them.

Francisco and Rosy - CMY Chetumal .png

Francisco and Rosy:  Have need for prayer as they have sold their car and are looking for it’s replacement now.  They feel that this will free them up financially and allow them to minister with out the debt of the car.  They are making plans for several activities for the next months including several VBS’s and Camp in the summer.  Please keep them in your prayers and their need for a good car.

Rhonda and I have purchased our travel tickets through the summer because of some very great price out of Flint, Michigan through Atlanta directly into Merida.  This cost and need is a prayer need for us your prayers and any assistance to cover the mission’s travel expenses is appreciated.

We will be meeting again in the next few days to discuss many of the coming plans and I hope to provide another update by the beginning of February.

God Bless,

Craig H. Gates