PBT May Update

Greetings all,

Leaving for Ukraine just over a week from now to attend our Roma translation team's quarterly translation meeting. This will take me to western Ukraine for the first time, flying in and and out of Lviv in order to spend time in Uzhgorod, a small city surrounded by a sizable gypsy population.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uzhhorod)

Our workers from all four dialects will be present as our brothers from the Transcarpathian dialect host the rest of us so that we can continue to work through some of the middle chapters of Luke together. So exciting to be able to join them this time, to see first hand how they work together as a team, and to enjoy fellowship with these fellow believers who are so passionate about bringing God's Word to their own people. Please pray for a safe trip, a safe time in the gypsy community, and good progress for our team.

Please also pray for me as I head from there directly to our annual meetings in Dallas. The two trips combined are going to take me away from home for almost a month, and so prayers appreciated for my family as well as I'm gone for so long. Time in Dallas will allow me to meet new recruits whom God may be leading to join our fields as well as to meet with other leaders to discuss strategy and the status of our work as an organization. An added bonus this year: I get to present a proposal to PBT's board from our team in Georgia to become its own PBT Branch! As such they'll still continue to work under my guidance, but this will give them the capacity to welcome more people to their field under localized decision-making and structure.

Those of you who've been with us a while may remember that this is the team that had so many problems just before I came into my role. I have to say it's incredibly gratifying to see them having matured and God blessing them with new teammates and a future as our first Branch in Eurasia. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to them as they have worked hard to get past their struggles and to forge ahead in service to His Kingdom.

On the homefront, Korah, our baby girl, turns 14 today. Micah is home from his first year at Moody Bible Institute, and Andrew and Emilee begin college classes out in Colorado this week. Life never seems to slow down. :-) My health has improved greatly since I wrote last. I'm more mobile than I have been for a long time, and though I've not put my problems with gout completely behind me, I'm pretty confident that my health won't be a distraction from what God has called me to do. 

Thank you for continuing to keep our family and our work in your prayers. We are grateful to be able to continuing serving the Bibleless in Eurasia, and know that your prayers are an important part of that. As well as what I've mentioned above, please continue to pray that God would raise up new financial partners in the work. As mentioned previously one of our supporting Churches is having to phase out supporting us financially, and on schedule we dropped another $425/month as of last month (April). We have been blessed with some added support and some one-time gifts, but still have a long way to go to replace the overall amount we are scheduled to lose. Pray for us, and consider partnering with us financially as well if the Lord would so lead you, so that we can continue to help provide God's Word to those who do not have it.

More next month on our upcoming, first ever Siberia workers' retreat in July! Until then, take care and

God bless,


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Picture below of our Roma translation team at their quarterly meeting in February.

2018.01 Roma Project translation team.jpg