PBT August Update

Greetings all,

Thanks to those of you that prayed for our recent trip to Russia. Great success! All our Siberia families were blessed, and we had a good chance to talk about how they can more proactively support one another on the field. We've got a great group that's making an impact in Russia among the native peoples for God's Kingdom, and it was so good to hear them share stories of triumphs and struggles, to worship together in their own language, and to get to know each other in a way that gives them confidence in one another even as they are often separated by thousands of miles even being in the same country. We also had Greg and Traci Steere and Stevanie Wilkos take part as the Member Care team and two young women who are on track to join our Siberia folk in the next year or so. Truly a blessed time.

Shelby, Keegan, and Korah also had a great week. The kids were excited to spend time with them and with each other. K&K both taught a lesson and lead worship as well, and they got a chance to see some of the culture around them that was such an important part of their earlier years overseas. Great stuff.

In addition, I had an unexpected chance to serve one of our families while we were there. The McMillans were our hosts in St. Petersburg where they've been studying Russian since last year, but they left for their new home in Siberia about a week after our retreat ended, and so there were some arrangements that needed made for train tickets (not too hard), but also extra baggage and shipping arrangements for their things (next-level stuff in a foreign language). Thankfully everything went smoothly with their trip, and we're already seeing pictures of them in their new city, Tyumen, where they will continue in Russian and work on visas that will allow them to join in on the Nenets project in the near future.

Nenets People.jpg


On the horizon I have a trip back to Russia and then on to Ukraine in mid-September. Please be praying for that as I network with our partners in Moscow to provide a good foundation on which our people can work with them and then to spend time working through some difficult relationships that have developed locally between our Roma Team leadership and their sending organization: PBT Ukraine. More on that as time draws closer.

For now I'll leave you with a link to an article written by PBT President Greg Pruett reminding us why we do what we do. Very inspiring.

Thanks for your prayer and financial support so that we can continue to serve our Lord in the way He has called us.

God bless,


PS - a continued prayer and request for new financial support relationships. We are due to lose another $450/month in pledged support starting in October.

Please let us know if you are interested in supporting us monthly, if you know or are a part of a small group or Sunday school class that might be interested in supporting us together, or if you know people or Churches we should contact individually. Thanks!

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