CMY June 2018 Update

Dear Friends and Family of CMY,

Summer 2018 is in full swing, heat, rain, end of classes, graduations and BBQ.  Summer for many missions also means a decline in monthly support that we anticipate but find it harder and harder to adjust an already tight budget.  Please check to see if your church’s mission support has been sent.  We are running one month behind at this time.

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Figure 1 Love the natural looking smiles

Being June, the month that hosts Father’s Day, I was reminded about a few things my father, Carl Hiram (Hi) Gates did or said here in the Yucatán during his visits.  One somewhat funny thing he did was that he was so very impressed by the beautiful wooden doors people had in our neighborhood and the ornamented iron window protectors and gates.  He was so impressed that he would walk around the neighborhood taking pictures of people’s front doors and gates.  People would wonder why someone is there taking pictures of my house and start to come out and talk to him, in Spanish of course.  After a few days of this I would have neighbors coming to ask me who this man was, many had in a few days carried on a conversation with my dad (he only knew English).  My dad would be there telling me things about my neighbor after these short conversations that I did not know after living there for several years.  I learned very quickly that to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ one must Go where the people are and when the door opens allow God to speak through testimony and sanctified living.  We also had to tell him it probably wasn’t a good idea to be walking around taking pictures of people’s homes just in case the home gets robbed soon.

The other thing I remembered was during one of the conferences he helped me with, he was asked how the church can increase its offerings.  His reply was so pure in thought and to the point of making disciples. (Evangelizing) He said, “To increase your offerings you need to win more people to Christ”.  He wasn’t making church about money, he was stating the fact that more people coming to Christ and growing in maturity also means offerings would increase.

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This is also true about my work with Christ’s Mission in the Yucatán, I need to reach out to new churches about what God is doing here.  Once they see that CMY is an evangelistic mission, taking care of spiritual and physical needs.  Using the little support or the large donations in faithful responsible ways according to Biblical guidance, we find that support grows.

I need assistance to create new Display boards, Short mission promotional videos, finish and improved website.  I need introductions with key mission leaders in churches and individuals that are mission minded. 

We need Churches, youth groups, families that are interested in organizing a short-term group to come and serve with CMY.  We only handle 2 to 4 groups a year as this is not the main goal of CMY but those who have come are now amongst some of our best supporters.  They have seen what God is doing through His people and now have a heart for reaching those without Christ with the evangelists.

Over the next few weeks look for several updates highlighting not only the Evangelists and their families that CMY assist monthly but also other preachers and ministries that are active in the Yucatán. 

I realize that this update notice did not include information about the many ministries but as Promoter of CMY I needed to inform you of the need for support so I will be able to inform you about the ministries in the upcoming updates and try to keep them shorter and concise.


Craig H Gates