CMY Summer Needs

Francisco and Rosy - CMY Chetumal .png

Dear Friends and Family of CMY,

Rhonda and I are planning to leave early in the morning for Chetumal to
spend several days with Francisco and Rosy.  Summer of 2018 has been
going very well and we are very pleased with several areas of CMY's
growth.  We hope to be able to encourage the Francisco and Rosy and the
church in Chetumal and hear about their plans for reaching others for

We hit a little bit of a snag with our travel, I took our 2001 Windstar
over to the mechanic the other day to check on some noises and rattles.  
Two days later, we missed traveling with Raul and Sandra to Muna today
because the van was not ready and now my mechanic has called to say the
$250 dollar repair has needed a few more items and climbed to $600
dollars.  I am so very glad I had him check the van as it had oil going
from the small transmission radiator into the coolant radiator and it
needed changing.  In the process we discovered that one of the sounds I
was hearing was the Alternator starting to seize little by little and
had melted several posts.  I am sure it would have caught fire soon as
the whole electrical post had melted down.

What a hassle to miss travel the past two days but so grateful for a
great mechanic to catch this before we started the 5 hour drive south to
Chetumal.  God is Good!!

The need here is that CMY has not been able to pay all of July's
commitments in salaries yet and now I find myself with this car
expense.  Please consider an extra gift now but please keep our travels
in prayer also as we will leave early in the morning tomorrow returning
next week.

God Bless,

Craig Gates