CMY 7/11 update...

CMY UPDATE: July 11, 2019
(Happy Slurpee Day 7/11)

Friends and Family of CMY,

Sometimes it is the simplest things in life that can change our focus and attitude. I remember three different events where a Slurpee became a powerful mood changer.

1. One summer I played a lot of Tennis with a High School buddy, driving from Vestaburg to Alma to play on the courts at Alma High School. After many a sweaty matches we would stop at the 7/11 and cool off with a Faygo flavored Slurpee. We laughed and enjoyed the simple moment that this sugary liquid could produce.

2. When 7/11 opened in Merida near the laundromat where we took short term work groups to wash their clothes. Many of the tired, sunburned group members would walk a block to buy a Slurpee. You could just watch the joy of tasting something familiar to home return to their faces. What did they put into that liquid?

3. Something similar happened to me as it had with the group when I walked into a 7/11 in Michigan and saw they had Vernors flavored Slurpee's. My anticipation and thoughts took me to very happy place. How could Slurpee have such a power over me when combining two items from my past?

Why am I going on about Slurpee? Because sometimes just the simplest action or word from us as a follower of Christ can bring Joy into the lives of those around us. Someone hurting, In need, searching and wondering if joy even exists in their lives anymore.

Over the past months many of you have been that simple action and word by your kind words sent to us and generous donations that have allowed the Evangelistic families supported by CMY to work with less worry and more joy. Thank you so much!

I watch these families prepare to assist a struggling church with a VBS this summer, preparing crafts, Bible lessons and seeing the joy in being able to share with others. They have their ministries, family lives, pressing needs and so many other activities bidding for their time but the joy on their faces as they prepare is so refreshing and brings joy into my tired soul.

I pray that God will restore His joy in you with something simple today.

Antonio and Liz: Joy and sadness has mingled over the past few weeks.

Joy, because of the birth of a granddaughter. The baby and family are doing well.

Sadness, because Tony's mother has been in the hospital and on life support for a week. Medical personal and family have determined that nothing more can be done and know that she is in her final days.

Sharing, We know the family has many financial needs at this time for hospital and upcoming funeral expenses. If you would like to help in anyway please click the link above or send gifts to CMY noting the special purpose.


Francisco writes: We continue to prepare for the United Worship Service that we will be hosting in November. We have been working on the bathrooms as we anticipate a large crowd.

We are in need of some assistance to purchase the stall doors and have a quote of $420 to purchase these doors in the two rooms.

Candido and Miriam:They have been very busy with the closing programs of their children. Anayansi her final year of Kindergarten.Besides working with the church in San Jose Tzal and assisting with the church in Muna. Candido and Miriam were busy with Deni's dwarf outfit and closing program at school. What a joy as we see this young boy growing each year.

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