CMY May Update (in June)

Friends and Family of CMY,

I guess a huge apology is needed, I just found this update in the draft folder with a delivery error and guess it never was sent out.  So you will receive this and June's close together.

I have taken the liberty to adjust a few things from the original update now on reflection.

Dear Friends and Family of CMY,

Rhonda and I have been able to reconnect with several church families and it has been a joy to see so many of them.  I told Rhonda that it was hard to remember all the names of so many as now the young adults we knew are older adults and are grandparents like us.  How did that happen.

One of our visits was to the church in Colonia Revolucion, Campeche, Mexico.  This church has been using guest speakers this year as they found themselves without a minister for the first time since they began almost 30 years ago.

It was so uplifting to worship with them and enjoy a lunch together.  We had driven down to Campeche(2 hours from Merida) the day before and Rhonda and I enjoyed some time together while we sampled some of the local treats.

iglesia de Cristo en Emiliano Zapata Sur III

After Resurrection Sunday I was able to enjoy helping the congregation of Emiliano Zapata Sur III by teaching an adult class during their Spring Break Vacation Bible School Days.

I presented the work sheets of "Jesus, Author of Salvation,  What did He teach about Salvation". Tthen the second day, "Examples of Salvation in the book of Acts, "What did the Apostles of Jesus Teach about Salvation."  Finally on the Third day we covered, "What the letters to the church teach us about what helps in our salvation."

All this was going on while 30 to 50 children were having classes, snacks and recreational time.  Speaking of snacks, these were not your average cookies and Kool aid.  We had lunch provided by the church that several of the women prepared and served.

It was great to see several children of the now grown children from when the congregation began.  Many of the children won prizes for their memory work as well as a couple adult were given Recordable Audio Bible devices that they were able to use and also record on.

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