Our Values

At Holt Christian Church, our values serve as our heartbeat. They are the driving force of "how" we work together to move towards the vision that God has uniquely given to us. They are the way we live out our mission.


Sojourners of Faith

A sojourner is a person who is a temporary resident. As a people of faith, we know that this place we reside is temporal. We have been launched onto a journey that will one day lead us home, but until that time we sojourn here as ambassadors of our place of permanent residence. God’s design is that we sojourn together, depending on Him for guidance and strength. As the church (the called out ones), we are challenged to learn to live by faith in God. It is in our time of sojourn that we learn to do that together. Each one of us equipping the others to take the next step. Using our individual gifts that have been given to us by the Holy Spirit, we spur one another on to maturity. Where one is weak, others walk beside and provide strength. We help each other take next steps.


People of Open Arms

We are a people who are not just instructed to “love our neighbors”, but we are excited to do so. Our desire is that an interaction with us is uplifting, filled with warmth, and brings support. We don’t want to just be friendly, but we want to create friends. Friendships happen when connections are made right where people are, not in where we hope they get to. We are convinced that if we do our job of loving people just as they are, God will do His job in transforming them into who He created them to be. Thus, we will create environments that are 

welcoming and encourage each other to passionately open our arms to whoever we have contact with wherever their place in life is.


Intent on community Impact

HCC does not want to just exist. We want to have a bold impact on the community around us. We recognize that we are not here for ourselves, but for the sharing of the good news of Jesus. That good news leaves an impact wherever it is shared. In times of trouble, we want the community around us to know that we can be depended on because we care more about them than we do ourselves. In order for that to happen, we will be a people with a community presence. Much more than being a building where people meet, we will strive to really live in the community God has placed us in so that Jesus is shared and can have an impact that is much greater than an invitation to a service.


A Prism of Jesus

A prism is a transparent solid body used for dispersing light or for reflecting rays of light. Jesus told us that He is the “light of the world”. As His followers, our goal is to reflect that light into the community we live in. We desire for Jesus to be seen, not us. We strive to love in the ways of Jesus. When we teach God’s word, we will do so by sharing the truth with grace.